Friday, January 2, 2009

Here's a bit of a different piece of paper art I've created today. This is the Goddess Pele, a Hawai'ian fire goddess that I made for a Swap-Bot swap. She is the birth Goddess of my partner and is a paper doll. I used a pattern from the Enchanted Gallery website that we were asked to use for the swap. I used some nice papers I had been given in another swap and used some bits of silk flowers and beads for her decoration. I enjoyed making this one so much that I made one for myself. She is called Hathor, Egyptian Queen of Heaven.

These birth goddesses were chosen for the swap at a zodiac goddess website chosen by the hostess of the swap. It is all a bit of fun and I find it quite interesting because my main patroness goddess is Bast. In some research I have done, Hathor and Bast were considered "one and the same". I'm enjoying making these so much I may make a "Kuan Yin" and a "Medusa" goddess paper doll. I think I could have some great fun using various papers to depict each goddess. Especially Medusa, as it will be very interesting figuring out how to represent the snakes in her hair.

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