Thursday, January 8, 2009

I've been kind of out of touch for the last few days. I've been really ill. Back and forth to the doctor, running a high fever, in lots of pain and generally feeling all blah.....

Well, hopefully the fever has finally broken. I've been fever free for about 6 hours now. I see the doctor again tomorrow to check it out. The worse part is that I have been off work and this is one of the busiest times of our year. The start of a new quarter at the University and students are in a real panic trying to get admitted.

I've felt so bad that I haven't even cared that I am unable to work. That says a lot for me, since I am a person who feels badly if I cannot do my part in my job.

Between sleeping and eating, I had a few hours of creativity and have taken as much advantage of it as I can. I finished a few ATCs, came up with a few ideas for some more and am doing a little journaling in my paper gluebook.

Here's a picture of an experiment in background making with some pigment ink, a few stamps and some "Pearl Powder". I like how it turned out. It is even more interesting I think because I used "suede" paper. It really looks like fabric.

I call this one "Humanity". That's the image I saw as I stamped and painted. :-)


  1. Very nice it does have that fabric effect to it.

    I enjoy visiting your site and see the different things your are working on.

    I would like to honor your blog by presenting you with (The Honest Scrap Award) you can stop by to accept your award. I think it is well deserve.

  2. I love your work!! George is on target and I respect his opinion. Your work really is lovely

  3. Thanks Linda - my art work is a very large part of my spirituality - I am happiest when I am able to do both.